CS 160 Final Project Showcase
Join us at this summer's CS160 Final Project Showcase! This year, 15 brilliant student teams created web-based applications related to the theme of storytelling. Come experience 15 novel applications that help users to share, read, interpret, or join of stories!
The public poster session and demos will take place on 8/9 from 10:30-11:50am in 310 Jacobs Hall. Before the poster session, students will present 5 minute presentations on their projects from 9-10:30am.

Watch and learn

Ever found yourself lost in the world of anime? Are you learning a new language? Then WATCH & LEARN is for you! Watch & Learn is a supplemental language learning tool for intermediate learners to improve their language proficiency through immersive media, specifically anime. We recommend anime series based on your proficiency and interests, and help develop your language skills through quizzes. Each episode features pop-up definitions to help guide you!


We believe in the fleeting moments where stories are shared behind the wheel. They often start with an audible 'hello!' and end with a 'thank you!' By allowing riders to leave a message or doodle, Auryn encourages communication that wouldn't have otherwise occured between disabled drivers and ride-sharing travellers. This way, even disabled drivers can share these special moments with their riders.

CYOA Adventure Time

Adventure Time is an application made for the creation and consumption of Choose Your Own Adventure stories, where YOU are the protagonist and your choices directly decide your fate. How will your story end? For writers, it provides a platform for the output of creativity, allowing them to dictate the adventures in their imagination with the assistance of the readers.


FlavorQuest is a cute little cooking game targeted toward gamers who need to learn how to cook. Recipes are sorted by difficulty and put into worlds that you can choose from, ranging from Fishlantis to Soup City. Unlock harder recipes by cooking more and earn achievements by progressing through the game! Start your cooking journey now!


WheelThere aims to simplify the travel experience for people with mobility disabilities. Users are able to see customized trips that other wheelchair users uploaded in order to deliver a clear understanding of a destination’s accessibility for multiple amenities, and the overall fun level of the designated area. WheelThere’s mission is to enable as many wheelchair users to feel comfortable traveling to new and foreign vacation spots and to inspire others to travel more.

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart Senior Health Care app is geared towards to friendly, easier and cost efficient comprehensive care to healthy elderly who live in solitude. This app features the communication portal and fun interactions between the elders and the family to create meaningful family memory. In particular, Users can register their day in an interactive and interesting manner. In case of emergency, seniors could press the “SOS” button so that an ambulance will come and the family will be notified.


Why wasting your time on tedious data input tasks when you could be having fun? PyAccountant is empowering tax accountants to input and compute data faster by teaching them Python. Learning Python for data entry is never more fun than going through an adventurous journey of manipulating demonic powers, aka data structures. Work smart by summoning the demons to work for you.


EduCarbon is a educational carbon footprint tracker created for students who want to make a change in this world. We believe that the youth are the future and their actions have a profound effect on the environment. EduCarbon provides a platform and a community to shape them into environmentally conscious individuals.


Confluence enables users to encapsulate their conference experience—academic discourse, social connection, educational enrichment—into one streamlined, accessible, and memorable episode. Simultaneously, Confluence engages users in direct face-to-face communication with like-minded individuals they otherwise may never have connected with.


Move beyond the daily grind of the modern commute with TransLit, a mobile application that supplies the enlightenment of classic literature to users while directing them in their public transit travels. Make the most of your time and attention by focusing on a vintage novel, free to engage without worrying about missing your next stop.

Life As Someone Else

Life As Someone Else (LAS) provides a place for working professionals to log diary entries of their day as a mean to share their professional life. For students, the application is designed to presumably help them get real job insights in a more detailed and personal perspective.

Pet Tales

Pet Tales is a platform that connects pet foster parents to potential forever homes by showcasing pets' stories. Foster parents can showcase cute photos, funny videos, and their foster pet's milestones in a storyboard narrative that creates a more intimate relationship with potential forever homes than traditional adoption websites.

Story Thyme

Story Thyme allows users to explore their family history by browsing through family recipes back through generations and allowing the user to view the evolution of these recipes, both within their family, and in history. Users have the ability to contribute to their family timelines by adding recipes and their stories associated with them. They also have the ability to create new recipe timelines to begin their own story with their family, or whoever they want to share their cooking experience with.


ArtX uses your current location to guide you through immersive art experiences. Come explore the art and its significance around you. Join and contribute to a project for your community. Begin new journeys and make new friends and memories as you immerse yourself on ArtX.